Feel empowered and motivated and you will learn

It is possible to use translation devices and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accomplish many tasks, without the pain of trying to remember grammar and vocabulary. However, in my opinion, if we rely on AI for everything we risk losing our own voice. Rather than lose our voice, we need to empower it! Knowledge is power.


You are in the right environment for language learning if

  • you feel you are respected for your life experience and your opinions.

  • you are encouraged to make mistakes and grow from them.

  • you are able to explore and discover more about your first language and culture by looking at it through the lens of a second language and culture.

I struggle with language programs that don’t do this and there seem to be a lot of them.

Learning a language is empowering and it is motivating. With the right amount of power and motivation it can also be addictive - you want to learn more and more. Your brain will start to speak faster than you can think!

I would love to meet you and chat about your language learning goals. We can explore the options out there.