Watching videos in English?!? Yes, you can.

Some clients, when they start to work with me, tell me they don’t watch videos in English because they don’t know enough English. Video can be magical! It plays with a few of our senses. We have something to watch, something to listen to, and something to read (subtitles). Videos can spark our imagination! We can observe and discuss!

Do you wash your clothes after every wear? You may think twice after watching this.

Some vocabulary is high level, but even intermediate learners and beginners can get something from watching this. 

How to view:

1. Silent viewing. Watch the video only (turn off the volume)and see what information you catch. What do you think? What do the pictures tell you?
2. Listening for key words/phrases. Watch the video with sound, what vocabulary words can you hear? What information can you add to the silent viewing?
3. Watch, listen and read. Watch the video with sound and subtitles, can you catch more vocabulary words?
4. Pause the video when something looks interesting. Slow down your viewing, read the subtitles and check for understanding.
5. Discuss with your language coach or a friend. What do you think?

Click below for the video

Fashion's toxic threads

A single clothes wash can release up to 700,000 microplastic fibres. Many of these end up in the ocean

Posted by The Economist on Monday, 21 January 2019