From fear to exhilaration - speaking English

Speaking English (or any language we are learning) can bring out many emotions.  The strongest emotions, fear and stress, are common.  When we have fear and stress to speak a language, life becomes stressful and we avoid many opportunities, which means we miss many opportunities.

If you are afraid to speak English, this fear might be keeping you from:

  • exploring around your home
  • asking questions and finding new places to visit
  • going to a store alone
  • making new friends
  • joining a class, learning a new skill
  • participating in a fun event

What if we look at this fear as something positive?  When you feel this fear, ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen?  If your safety is at risk, listen to the fear (but also ask yourself if this is a real risk).  If you are safe, but you are afraid of making mistakes it is time to embrace this fear.   Try. Take small steps to overcome this fear.  Stop saying I can't.  Start saying I can when I try.  A small success is a success! Congratulations!! It feels great!

This feeling of excitement after overcoming fear is exhilaration.  Keep this feeling close to you. Remembering this feeling of exhilaration will keep you going.  It is a wonderful feeling that you overcame a fear, you did it!

Be curious, be creative, be courageous.