find your English voice.

Speaking English is more than memorization. Language is an expression of ourselves. Combining language learning with creativity, allows us to use all of our resources (soft skills) to communicate.

I am an independent language coach, working with each client one to one. I do my best to support your learning journey.

Creativity is our intelligence having fun!

-Albert Einstein


  1. Refresher course - for business people who would like a few hours to master the mechanics of English and build confidence

  2. 10 session program (from 1-10 weeks long) - flexible schedule to fit your schedule

  3. Expat language support (for non-working spouses)

Relocation Support:

  1. Pre-departure and arrival support for expats arriving in Brussels, Belgium (solo and family support)

  2. Intensive programs with language and creativity at the centre

  3. Cultural tours/immersion - (seasonal)

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I’m Christie. I’m Canadian and have been coaching/teaching for more than 15 years.

I lived and taught for more than 8 years in Central Japan. I am familiar with the culture and the industries of the area. I’m also familiar with other areas of Japan, I enjoyed exploring whenever I had the chance!

I have lived in Belgium for 5 years. I can drive, but I prefer to explore the city on public transportation for my sanity and for the environment. I will include tips on the best ways I’ve found to use public transportation during relocation support tours.

I am a native English language speaker. I’ve learned to speak German, French and Japanese in different settings (in school and out of school). I understand the anxiety that comes with speaking a new language and will share my tips with you (from a student perspective and neurolanguage perspective).

Do you know a child or youth who is learning English? I’ll do my best to assist young learners. Please note that my after school schedule is very limited so contact me as soon as possible.


The Science behind learning

Basically, we learn best when we are calm, feel challenged and are using all of our inner resources. If we can use our imagination, play and feel in control of our learning, our brains are happy and we learn faster. We discuss your learning goals and find ways to meet (and exceed) your goals. Our time together is relevant and always about your English needs.

There are no hidden surprises.  

I value transparency. I believe transparency is important to respect you, the learner. When we know what is going to happen, we are in control. Our brain stays calm and we learn efficiently. I will always try to explain what we are doing and make sure that you are okay with the direction we are going. You are in control of your learning.

∞The science behind it: When we are calm and happy, our brain can focus on learning, building connections.  Stay calm and carry on.

What do students say?

What do students say?


She always motivates the students. Participants became more active learners since starting the course.

-Kazue Ono, Shizuoka

I think Christie Sensei has very high skills of coaching English. Her coaching was effective for learning English that Americans and Canadians usually speak.

-Hiroshi Kida, Shizuoka

My daily life has changed since I started studying with Christie. I have four children. Everyday I'm busy, so I didn't have time to do anything. Now I have a lot of things I want to know and talk with her about. I began to read some books, read some articles and describe about my opinions in English. Time spending with her has changed me.  She always encourage me and supports me to learn more. I can talk with her without fear of making mistake in English. I'm very happy to meet her.She is my best coach. I highly recommend her!

-Shoko, Tokyo