Relocation Support

Adapting to a new culture comes with ups and downs. It can be made a little easier when there is a network of support to ask questions to and to help find solutions to unexpected challenges.

What we do:

Apply intercultural communication theory and neurolanguage coaching principles to empower you to:

  • gain the most from your expat experience

  • gain new experiences to be inspired

  • share the inspiration with your family and community.

immediate Benefits of support:

  • Problem solving and cross cultural understanding

  • Confidence to use English

  • confidentiality - discretion is used at all times

Lasting benefits of support

  • Invest in yourself and share the benefits with your family and community

  • Overcome your fears and hesitations to try something in a new language and culture

  • Take risks to go outside your comfort zone and discover new opportunities

  • build a bridge between our cultures and the international community in Brussels


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  • Survey

  • Sharing local websites and useful information

  • short language guide (audio/video files)
    English, French and Dutch


  • Familiarization tour

  • Intensive language program

  • Welcome package from local businesses (eco friendly, sustainable goals)


  • weekly /monthly conversation sessions

  • private language training

  • monthly tours



Pre-arrival and arrival (familiarization tour)


Basic + intensive language program


Moderate + ongoing language training (3 months or 6 months)


Your confidentiality is respected. We will not share your personal contact details nor information shared during sessions.



She always motivates the students. Participants became more active learners since starting the course. She is the best teacher I have ever met.

-Kazue Ono, Shizuoka

I think Christie Sensei has very high skills of coaching English. Her coaching was effective for learning English that Americans and Canadians usually speak.

-Hiroshi Kida, Shizuoka

My daily life has changed since I started studying with Christie. I have four children. Everyday I'm busy, so I didn't have time to do anything. Now I have a lot of things I want to know and talk with her about. I began to read some books, read some articles and describe about my opinions in English. Time spending with her has changed me.  She always encourage me and supports me to learn more. I can talk with her without fear of making mistake in English. I'm very happy to meet her.She is my best coach. I highly recommend her!

-Shoko, Tokyo



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